What is Chakra?

There are seven major chakras that are quite well known, each connected to a function that has been well-documented over time.

The chakras in our subtle bodies connect us to the Divine Self or Higher Self, and are the transmitters of cosmic life energy to enable us to live on this planet.

As an example of how important open and balanced chakras are. The Heart Chakra is a gate to higher consciousness. A Balanced and open Heart Chakra can lead to a consciousness based in love and therefore to a life in abundance, joy and satisfaction.

Chakra translates as 'rotating wheel' in Sanskrit, which is how each Chakra is viewed holistically a spinning, sparkling, moving wheel of energy, We have 7 major energy centers "chakras".

Within our bodies. They are located in front of the spinal column and are aligned from the top of the head, right down to the end of the spine.

We will be taking a look at some information regarding the seven primary chakras, including location, some of the crystals/stones related to each one, what each one controls and represents.

Root Chakra  
Full acceptance of Life, Color- Red ,
Located at the base of the spine
Crystals/gemstones -agate, hematite, bloodstone, red coral, red garnet, ruby
Represents grounding, survival, power to achieve goals, stability ,fears, satisfaction
Controls bones ,teeth, nails, all parts of colon, prostate gland, blood and building of cells

Sacral Chakra                                                                           
Personal Creativity, Color-Orange
Located in the lower abdomen
Crystals/gemstones-any orange stone such as carnelian, coral, gold calcite or moonstone
Represents enthusiasm, relationships, desires, openness to others, primal feelings
Controls pelvic area reproductive organs ,fluid functions ,kidneys, bladder
Solar Plexus Chakra

Self control, color-yellow
Located above navel below chest
crystal/gemstone- any yellow stone such as tiger's eye, amber, citrine or topaz 
Represents personal power, self control, inner harmony, hostility, acceptance of self,
strength ,anger, sensitivity  
Controls liver ,digestive system, stomach, spleen, gall bladder ,lower back, muscles 

Heart Chakra 

Love and compassion, color-green
Located just behind the heart ,
crystal/gemstone- emerald ,green jade ,kunzite ,rose quartz or tourmaline
Represents unconditional divine love, forgiveness, healing, compassion, sincerity, selflessness 
Controls heart, circulation immune system ,lower lungs, rib cage upper back ,skin, hands                       

Throat Chakra
Integrity, Color-- Blue
Located at the throat

Gemstones-any dark blue colored stone such as sugalite, agate, sapphire

Turquoise or aquamarine

Represents creativity, self expression,.communication, Inspiration, confidence, wisdom, imagination           

Controls jaw, neck, throat, voice, airways, upper lungs, arms

Third Eye Chakra
ESP, Color-indigo
Located at the Third Eye, which is situated between the eyebrows and a little above them.            

Crystals/gemstones--any indigo colored stones such as sodalite, sapphire, lapis lazuli or quartz  

Represents Inner vision, intuition, insight, clairvoyance, imagination, idealism, concentration,
peace of mind, projection of will, manifestation
Controls endocrine system, nose ,ears sinuses and parts of nervous system ,
left brain hemisphere, left eye                                                       


Crown Chakra
Enlightenment, Color-violet
Located at the top of the head, just slightly to the back of the skull

crystals/gemstones--any violet or clear colored stones such as diamond, selenite, clear quartz or purple amethyst
Represents perfection, integration/unity with the omnipresent being, divine wisdom and
purpose, universal consciousness, bliss, understanding, enlightenment
Controls cerebrum, right brain hemisphere, central nervous system, right eye                                  

I hope this helps you understand the reason energy sessions can help keep the physical and emotional systems of the body tuned.