Healing with Crystals

I have found crystals to be very helpful in my healing practice, Even in Long Distance Healing when set with the power of intention crystals have been found to aid in the healing process.

What are the healing powers truly that some claim is within a crystal? Crystals are amazingly beautiful stones just to look upon. Many can calm and soothe a person just by gazing into the multicolored facets of the stone.

Many physicians will tell you that this alone is a healing power as stress has been proven to cause many ailments. The real magic of the crystal is it ability to heal on a physical level.Crystals are one of earths magical gifts that can be used to help us in more then just a tranquil appearance. Each Crystal has an energy within it that can heal adjust align or attune the energy field within each person.

As explained on the “what is a Chakra page” , just as there is a different part of the body associated with each Chakra, There is a specific group of crystals for each chakra, that help align, balance and clear each individual chakra.
Crystals have been used by spiritual and holistic healers for centuries, it is not something new. It is actually that more people are awakening and in that reawakening are beginning to use the holistic method that involves using crystals for healing .