11:11:11 – What Is this Frequency?

A Channeled Message from the Archangel Group Uriel

Through Sharon Ta’ab Wuti (Sun Woman)

Receiving Love – Flow.

Receiving is an open palm and a smile of pure joy that is real or

true joy. And, just as the energy flows through it is at the same time

and in turn opening the other palm in a giving/gifting gesture with a

smile again of pure joy that is true joy. As within, so without.

Receiving is not grabbing or grasping for this is done with a

closed hand and is constricted and restrictive. Taking is not

necessary – as grabbing and grasping – when you are fully open to receiving with true joy. Freely

giving is graceful, easy, joyful when you are fully open to receiving with pure joy.

The grass grows shoot after shoot after shoot springing up continuously over

and over for eons all around your planet. Sometimes here and sometimes there –

ever growing shoot after shoot after shoot. How is this possible? Receiving energy

flowing through and through from all directions. Water in, light in, nutrients – the

minerals of the earth – in, air is breathed in fully. Each blade of grass having a

beautifully open heart – one that KNOWS receiving deeply within every cell of

its beingness.

But, what if the roots were to grab and grasp for the life-giving water? Surely they would tie

themselves into knots and strangle themselves from receiving even one drop! And what if the

blade of grass were to hold onto every bit of air it received – curling its blade up tightly to hold the air?

Surely it would become very ill storing the toxic oxygen molecules within its cellular structure! But

also it would curl itself away from the sun and the light it needs for life and growth and regeneration

of the next shoot and the next and the next. Not only would the single closed blade die, but its family

and its neighbors and soon the whole field of grass would be gone. The entire community would

become ill and eventually shrivel and die. Is this not what your Earth looks like at this time? One

single blade – one single person affects the whole!

Look to the trees and the grass and indeed all of nature to learn how to

actively and consciously learn how to receive! Open leaves on either side

of each branch of a tree – balanced in the joyful – purely and truly joyful

dance of receiving and giving. Open palms of your hands balanced as that

branch and those leaves – dancing the joyful balance! Yes, this must be

learned – rather re-learned and re-membered. For once your humanity knew

how to live like the plants and now your world and yes, each of you have

been taught – programmed by your culture for thousands of years – to grasp

and grab and TAKE.



Even the smallest blade of grass acknowledges you and loves you and honors you. The sun shines

upon you. It does not turn its back on any one of you just as it does not turn away from event the

smallest blade of grass! You are all equally beautiful, brilliant blades of grass in the eyes of the Light of

ALL that IS. For indeed, we are all the ALL!!

Even that blade which loves you does not say, “Oh you are human, you are better than I a small

blade of grass.” Nor does it say, “Oh you are human, you are worse than I because at least I know that

I am love and loved. And in my knowing that I am love, I give with all of my being which is

strengthened and very large because I am supported in my giving by hundreds of thousands of my

family in this field. And, in my knowing that I am loved, I RECEIVE fully and without question from

the Earth, the skies, the heavens… and I doe this with ALL of my being as well.”

To give with ALL that YOU ARE!

To receive with ALL that YOU ARE!

Because YOU are LOVE!

Because YOU are LOVED!

You see my friends, even the grass of the fields of your Earth is calling you to                                                                

understand, to KNOW, to RE-MEMBER.

Watch the flow of nature. Practice this flow. Re-member this flow.

Give with all of your heart – each and every time that you give – as the trees put all of their heart into

making you a peach or pear for your nourishment and enjoyment – just for the LOVE of GIVING!

RECEIVE with ALL of your being as the Sunflower smiles up at the Sun with all of its heart and

stretches its leaves and roots and stem with every fiber of its being –

just for the JOY of RECEIVING!

RECEIVING WITH JOY in order to GIVE WITH JOY! This is love pure and simple! Spread your

arms, lift up your head, STAND TALL!

There is not a need to jump up and down shouting, “Pick me! Look at me! Give to me!” That would be

an interesting sight would it not? A field of sunflowers jumping up and down to be seen by the

sun! Yet, look around you. Is that not what you see of the people in your world – of yourself?

Indeed, you are ALL CHOSEN! Stand up! Spread your arms and open your palms and say YES!!

Yes to receiving with Pure Joy! Yes to giving with Pure Joy!

Can you re-member how this is done? It is simple – open your palms – open your heart front and

back - and watch the energy flow…

In ………………….Out

In ……………………Out

In ……….Out

Do you see the balance?

Yes, and you ask, “Why can’t I find that balance?” You have given “freely” and you say you have

been used by the takers, grabbers, graspers of your world. Yet, when your feelings have been hurt in

this way (and others), you become constricted – restrictive - closing down both sides of the flow – the

giving and the receiving side. “BUT,” you say that you continue to give “freely.” This is not so in many

cases! How are you giving? “Freely!” Not truly free! Giving for the Pure JOY of Giving is TRULY

FREE! When you give, what do you seek in return? To this we say again look to nature! Does the tree

expect recognition, appreciation, love, respect? The tree IS LOVE and expects nothing!

[When I finished writing this section of the message a very interesting picture I had clipped last year

fell out of my notebook into my lap!]

Look to nature to finding the balance in the flow of the cycles of seasons. If there is a season of

dryness, the blades of grass watch their energy and know that it is time to conserve. This is not

restriction! Their roots open wider to receive more water, while the blades may whither and turn

brown. The grass does not have the energy resources to continue to provide

you with beautiful green fields and nourishing food to eat and oxygen to

breathe. The blade of grass says, “I must conserve my energy right now

so that when the dry season is ended I can return stronger than ever to

give you the gifts of my life and my children’s lives.” You may see this

grass as “dead,” but look beneath the soil and you will see a world of roots

that are fully alive!

So, too you can watch your energy resources. Conserving when necessary

– going deeper into receiving – so that you too can come back to giving

more strongly! The key to finding this balance within yourself and your world is always being open

to receiving and opening more widely during the dry seasons and KNOWING that there are always

seasons of water ahead of you!

Let us look to the story of the “shouting sunflowers.” For so long the sunflowers in

our story have been jumping up and down – grasping, wanting love, recognition,

appreciation that they have pulled most of their roots from the soil. Roots that are

pulled from soil become restricted – they shrivel and cannot receive much water or

nutrients if any at all. This causes the flower to feel more restricted and so it jumps and

shouts harder leading to more restriction and eventually collapse!

Shouting and jumping are quite similar energy as taking and grasping. Some people give – not

freely though they believe that their giving is free – but in this restricted way as a means of shouting,

“Look at me, see me, love me, appreciate me!”

Give from the Heart of Pure Joy!

Receive from the Heart of Pure Joy!

Thus, let us share with you a way that you can see and understand yourself more clearly. Seeing

how open you are to giving and receiving in love, in joy – freely in Pure Love. Look to the way you use

your language each day. Many of you, indeed the majority of people in your culture use language

as a way of taking, grasping, grabbing – a way of shouting, “Look at me, love me, see me, appreciate

me!” Know that we hold no judgment of this for you. When we see this activity we hold even greater

love and compassion for you surrounding you with the light of love and holding deeply that you will

be able to feel this and know this within your bodies!

To see this activity, look to your conversations. Is there a balance of speaking and true listening

(that is listening fully without planning what it is you will be saying when the other stops speaking to

take a breath)? When you speak, ask yourself, “What is the reason I have said this thing?” Are

you talking because you have something of true importance to share with the other? Are you asking

for assistance in some way? Are you sharing your heart – words of kindness, compassion,

encouragement, strength - love? Are you imparting wisdom or knowledge that will help the other?

In this way, your words can be a form of giving love. Even if you are asking for assistance or asking

to be heard as you work through resolving a challenge or healing an upset, this is a form of giving love.

This is giving because you are opening yourself to receiving so that the other has a new opportunity to

open their heart to give to you in love.

In your conversations, are you talking as a way of shouting look at me, see me, hear me, love me,

appreciate me? Are you talking because silence is not comfortable for you?

If this is so, your words are indeed a form of taking, grabbing, grasping. Even if you are only talking

because silence is uncomfortable for you, you are taking the other’s opportunity to enjoy the silence.

Before you say something – anything – ask yourself, “Why do I think/feel I must say this?” Is

this thing coming from mind/ego? Or, is this thing coming from Heart/Spirit?

There is much more we will share on use of language in time to come. For

now, we will say that Silence is Golden. For in silence you learn to

receive. Silence creates a clear, wide open vessel within your being for the

Universe to pour in all the love and abundance that is your Divine Heritage.

For you are CHOSEN! Each and every one of you are SEEN and LOVED –

TRULY BELOVED of ALL! The more you practice silence, the more you

will come to KNOW yourself as LOVE and LOVED – and the less you will

need to shout and grab and grasp.

We are greatly inspired and blessed by the work you have done to bring this frequency into your

bodies and your world in a most powerful way. This frequency will indeed make it much easier for

you to KNOW your DIVINE BLUEPRINT of PURE LOVE which will assist you in opening to

RECEIVING in PURE JOY. We encourage and invite you now to persevere and make use of this

frequency which you have received. The conscious action of re-membering how to receive love in

all its most wondrous and beautiful forms is necessary to anchor this frequency more firmly into

your world.

Each morning – Stand up! Spread your arms and open your palms and

say YES!! Yes to receiving with Pure Joy! Yes to giving with Pure Joy!

Each afternoon – Stand up! Spread your arms and open your palms and

say YES!! Yes to receiving with Pure Joy! Yes to giving with Pure Joy!

Each evening – Stand up! Spread your arms and open your palms and say

YES!! Yes to receiving with Pure Joy! Yes to giving with Pure Joy!

[As they shared this, they showed me a form of Yoga “Sun Salutations” with palms open and up in the

standing stretch pose.]

The challenges your Earth faces in the days to come can be eased

– and Yes! even circumvented completely –

with each of the ONE

opening to RECEIVE with PURE JOY

in order to GIVE with PURE JOY.

This channeled message from the Archangel Group Uriel is freely given!

You may use all or part as you wish!

I joyfully receive any acknowledgements and don