Long Distance Healing

Long Distance Healing, also referred to as Remote Healing, works on the premise that everything is connected by energy; thus distance is unimportant Energy has no limitations or boundaries, making long distance healing just as effective as healing in person.

A large amount of people have reported powerful results emotionally, mentally and physically when they received a long distance healing.  Physicists are aware that everything around us is made of energy. Energy healing works by channeling the direction of energy, and it is a proven scientific fact that this method of healing has been effective.

Conducting an energy healing, whether in person or long distance, involves the same process of channeling and directing healing energies to your energetic field and dissolving blockages along with cleansing, rejuvenating and rebalancing the chakra/ energy fields.

Whether you're across the street or across the country, remote healing or distance healing, is an excellent option when it's not possible to meet in person, and is a wonderful way to keep your energy system balanced therefore helping to improve you overall feeling of wellness.